Verocloud™ enables conversion of external 3D data formats to “oct” file format that in turn facilitates display, manipulation and examination of 3D data on the portable platform. General application for imaging surface geometry with texture acquired by any 3Dscanner, including active, passive, stereo or multi camera generated 3D data. Typical operations will include metrology, clash detection, shape matching, comparison with CAD models and effective operation over the Internet or cell networks.

Data formats that can be converted are: 3db, 3dd, 3ds, cam, cdm, GIS formats, gti, net, obj, ply, pts, ptx, soi, sph, stl, tfm, and wrl.
VeroCT™ will expand on Verocloud™ capabilities by incorporating tools to display and work with volumetric data from medical and industrial CT scanners giving users opportunity to access and examine combine surface geometry and any volumetric data source.
Simple viewer running on portable platforms with limited function of viewing data already converted to oct format by either Verocloud™ or Vcloud™ applications.
Free application for individual file conversion. For flat fee of 5 cents/MB of uploaded data we will perform automatic format conversion. You can upload any 3D file format to our server and get back your .oct file. Using our VeroView™ software you will be able to display it and examine it on your iPhone, or iPad.

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